JOY from Miss Ariana

Victories and new beginnings in the personal field. I had my last show Dec.14th at PS 63 and because I enjoy the word JOY, I received a sweater with that very word on it. Because of Dancing Classrooms I met the lovely school counselor there and was able to do my internship with her. This has now led to me being offered a job as the second school counselor in their school! So thank you to Dancing Classrooms for giving me the gift of ballroom for myself and to share.... but also helping me move on to my next career.

Ariana Carthan
M.S.Ed School Counseling
Long Island University, 2015

From Miss Paula ~


As a new TA in a school that was also new to the Dancing Classrooms program, I was feeling a little apprehensive on my very first solo lesson. Sure, I had memorized the lesson well, I had practiced several times with my fellow new TAs, I have 14 years of educational experience in the classroom, and I love an audience. So, why was I feeling uneasy?
Ah, yes. The fear of the unknown. Would I forget anything? (I didn't.) Would I do Shakira with Justin Timberlake steps? (I didn't!) Would the students be more willing to do dance frame position during lesson 2? (They weren't. Ugh.)
But then, at the end of my second class, a student came up to me and earnestly said, "Miss Paula, you must have the best job in the whole school!"
Huh. That's when I realized that, yes, I indeed had the best job in the whole school! As a former classroom teacher, school administrator, and curriculum developer, well, yes, this WAS the best job to be had!
And now, as I enter the second half of my second residency, whenever I feel the slightly bit unsure, I remind myself of what that gentleman said, and I smile and keep on dancing.

--Miss Paula S.

From Silvia Tincani Guerrero and Sabrina Cataudella - orientation memory!

Ms. Silvia and I went to an Orientation and we were informed about a special needs student who was an introvert, who would probably not be participating. When we first introduced ourselves and why we were there, he threw his jacket over his head and stayed with it covering his face for a while and his head down on his desk. However, when I started to talk about sports and its relation to ballroom dancing, he removed the jacket from his head and raised his hands and said, "I do fencing." Once we acknowledged him, his face lit up! This was a pivotal moment  He began to sit tall and confident and was excited!!! This was an amazing experience and his teacher was so touched that he was excited about our program now!!!

--Ms. Sabrina, December 2015