Where in the World is Pierre - from Amman:

Yes the schools are closed in Germany for the week...just as in NY I suppose...so I came to Amman to spend the week. I have just returned home from visiting our DC program here at the Ahliyya Girls School who take their dance classes with the boys from The Bishops School. Haiffa Najjar is the Principal of both schools and they are the oldest private schools in the whole of Jordan. -- Mr. Pierre with TA Alaa Takrouri and her class.

Here is a link of a 3-page article in one of Amman's high end magazines called "FAMILY FLAVOURS" flavours spelled the British way. I had done the interview a couple of months ago over Skype and telephone and as it happens I am here in February...just come out last week.  http://www.nakahat-ailiyeh.com/