The Children All Heard Me Speaking in Arabic

This morning I went to a nearby town called Lebach…about 23 miles away. I traveled on the Strassen Bahn…Electric / street car…takes just under one hour…stopping every 2 or 3 minutes etc. etc.This refugee camp in Lebach is a big one…with cinder block buildings housing he refugees. They now have 1,800 but just in November they had 4,800…so you can tell is it a large camp. Lebach is now known for new asylum seekers…the best place to be accepted and from there they would be assigned to another area of Germany. They have a great big…I mean big tent that can be divided into 3 separate areas and I was told their volunteers come in and give the children up to 15 years of age play time from 10 until noon and from 2 until 4 in the afternoon. I was invited to come in at 11am and work with the kids…that is the kids that actually show up…I did just this this morning…I had wanted to work with 10 year olds and up…but as you can see in the photo it was no where near the age bracket I was expecting…but because the children all heard me speaking in Arabic…they flocked to me in an instant…and so I could not turn them away. YES…you got it…THE STOMP & THE MACARENA…etc etc…they LOVED it.

Children are children are children the world over. Such innocence, gratitude and such beautiful smiles. How wonderful Germany is for opening its borders and for providing safety, security and lodging for these Syrian refugees in Lebach nearby Saarbruecken. It is a privilege to work with these wonderful children...I feel so blessed.