Pierre in Saarbruecken, Germany ~ "I Will Persevere..."

I am very happy to be back in Germany doing my DANCING IN SAARBRUECKEN project...bringing so many young ladies and gentlemen from many nationalities AND religions all to dance TWOgether and to shake what their Mammas gave them. Thank you Dr. Halima Alaiyan for inviting me to do the same type of project I did last year in Berlin. SHOOKRAN!

Saarbruecken was part of France until 1959 when the inhabitants got to choose if they wished to remain part of France OR return to being part of Germany…Germany won the vote.
The teens (pictured) come from 5 different school and we meet after school at a dance studio. Many nationalities including German, Turks, Kurds, Turks, Lebanese, Syrian as well as Russian. The first lesson with them was difficult…BUT…the second lesson was even worse. The big problem is exactly the reason we do not work with 6th graders…and then on top of that…they do not know each other…thus they ‘act out’. Anyway I will persevere…but I also let them know I will ask a few of them to leave and NOT to return. We will see on Friday…which will be their 3rd. lesson.