Wall Street Journal's Tanya Rivero talks Dancing Classrooms with founder Pierre Dualine and actor J.W. Cortes.

Dancing Classrooms Promotional 

TED TALKS - Pierre Dulaine has transformed his life and others through sharing the art of ballroom dancing with the world.

TED TALKS - Tatiana Lingos-Webb - social and emotional intelligence plays a major role in children's academic outcomes and life success.

2015 International Champion of Social and Emotional Learning honoree, Roger P. Weissberg, talks about the impact and benefits of having Dancing Classrooms programming in our schools and communities.

"Come Dance With Me" The Window at Barneys Barney's New York Partners with Dancing Classrooms to unveil their new Kids Line. Elegant young people from the Dancing Classrooms Academy and the Youth Dance Company are featured in this charming video.

Pierre Dulaine, AlHURRA Interview Pierre developed dancing classrooms in 1994 while teaching dance in Manhattan, created as a method to teach children social awareness, confidence and self-esteem. the program has gained great accolades and continues to grow nationally and internationally with each passing year.


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