Quality for All Students

Students come to us from different homes with many different environments, ranging from organized and protective to somewhat chaotic or disengaged. But Dancing Classrooms offers an equal emotional, cognitive and behavioral curriculum to all. Every student in the Dancing Classrooms programs receives a high-quality arts education  led by the consistent positive engagement and support of a network of our Teaching Artists whose ultimate goal is to create motivated, engaged students with essential skills for a successful life.


The Dulaine Method

Engage participants and make them the catalysts for positive change and direction in their lives. 

Respect & Compassion

Participants are referred to as "Ladies and Gentlemen" and emphasis is placed both on mutual and self-respect.

Being Present

Teaching Artists are actively and dynamically engaged in each interaction with students, staying in the "here and now."

Creating a Safe Space

The classes are havens in which each student's feelings are respected - everyone is equal.

Command & Control

Teaching Artists are taught to understand how to use the group to help the individual.

Verbal & Body Language

Teaching Artists' physical effect is one of openness, warmth, and genuine affection, while the verbal repertoire consists of positive reinforcement.

Humor & Joy

Teaching Artists are appropriately playful so that students can sense that the lessons are meant to be enjoyable.