Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists work with school teachers to ensure that the students connect their ballroom dancing experience with art, music, history, language arts and physical education. This curriculum integration produces some wonderful works of art and poetry from the children.

Featured Poems

I see a dramatic story
Two scorpions dancing
Dashing into attack
Then retreating
Sharp and quick steps
Two serious faces
And serious movements
I see a battlefield
And no happiness
Serious faces
Slow and quick steps
I hear nothing from the audience
Just silence.
Are they holding their breath?
I do the graceful dip of the corte
And the fierce attack and retreat of the promenade
I rock my feet back and forth
A dramatic passionate dance

-Dominique, PS 31Q
Ballroom Dancing
In ballroom dancing, I feel like a star lighting up the stage. I can feel the electricity flowing through my body when dancing the Swing, movin’and groovin’ shakin’ all around. I get on the emotion train when I dance the waltz, because there’s blue and emotion train when I dance the Waltz, because there’s blue and emotional songs. Something always happens to the inside of my body in every dance. But not only are my emotions changing, but I feel professional. I feel like I’m really good with everyone staring at me. The breeze flowing through my head makes me eager. And my teeth are lightbulbs as I smile. I finally get off the emotion train. At Merengue Street, where my favorite dance is from. I love this dance because to me, it is the easiest and it is traditional to me. All my memories come out, like my old times in D.R., and then all the memories are gone, when I start my Tango with my serious face and my sharp position with crispy wings (arms together) and chopsticks (feet perfect distance apart).

-Orlando, 5th Grade
Gliding smoothly, softly, serenely,
In a royal, regal ballgown,
I’m a ballerina, gracefully gliding,
Stepping, spinning, never stopping

Soft, soothing sounds surround us,
They pirouette around and across us,
A stream of kingly, queenly music,
Like being a princess in a movie

Slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick
The rhythm echoes around the room,
I feel as happy as an angel in the clouds,
As elegant as Cinderella

My steps float in the softest clouds,
Time has stopped, my dance goes on,
As we curtsy and elegantly walk away,
I am truly a princess.

-Vishu, PS 31Q
Curriculum Writing
Assignment: Write a poem about your experiences ballroom dancing this year. Include at least two metaphors/similes, show effort, planning and proofreading, show off best vocabulary possible and be creative, honest and thoughtful.

The class begins.
I feel like I am a lion in a cage, unable to decide if I want to dance or not.
I have grown to hate this program more and more like how a dog begins to get his tail pulled and hates it more and more.
I am a misbehaved child, not having much of a choice.
I am an octopus, bored, always wondering, “When will this class be over.”
I am a dog yearning for freedom, wondering, “Why should I?”
This is why I can’t wait for this program to cease, stop and be over.

-Alexander, 5th Grade

Featured Quotes

I know I have only been in Ballroom Dancing for a few weeks, but I love this program. In my old school, we didn't have this, or any dance program. I know some boys don't like Ballroom Dancing, but I actually like it. I get some steps wrong in class, but after class, I practice. My favorite dance is the Swing. My partner, Ruby Zamora, and I practice it in our spare time. It feels good to be a gentleman when you are dancing. Some people don't act mature, like when they say, "Eeww, I'm not dancing with him." That is what people say, but what I do is think to myself, " It doesn't matter." I just dance with them. I love to dance with people because I have fun with the dances. And, I also love to meet new people and to see what dance we could do

-Stephen, 5th Grade

"Para mi el baile de salon ha sido una experiencia inolvidable porque ademas de que es una disciplina y deporte, tambien es una diversion. El baile de Tango es el mas disciplinado de todos. El de Salsa requiere mucho movimiento de caderas y los otros son un poco mas faciles. Nuestro maestro Mr. Chris fue muy bueno con nosotros. Nos trato de ensenar los bailes uno por uno hasta que lo hicieramos bien. Durante la clase yo aprendi que el Foxtrot es un baile de mucha elegancia que tiene el ritmo slow-slow-quick-quick o sea despacio-despacio-rapido-rapido. Originalmente el Foxtrot viene de los Estados Unidos, pero los bailarines de salon lo bailan en todo el mundo.

For me ballroom dancing has been an unforgettable experience because aside from it being a discipline and sport, it is also a fun activity. Tango is the most disciplined of all. Salsa requires much movement of the hips and the others are much easier. Our teacher, Mr. Chris, was very good to us. He tried to teach the dances, one by one until we did them well. During class learned that the Foxtrot is an elegant dance whose rhythm is slow-slow-quick-quick, in other words (spanish translation). The Foxtrot is originally from the United States , but ballroom dancers all around the world dance this dance."

-Jerlissa, 8th Grade

"I learned to have respect for every one in my class and I learned to behave in a gentlemen way and how to be nice and not mean to others and most of all not always think about myself but think about others around you. "

-5th Grade Student

"Do you know how after doing something very active you feel tired? After we finish dance I’m very energetic. I’m not tired at all!!! It makes me happy and I love it."


"I used to dread holding hands with my partner, and now I get into dance position in a blink of an eye. I really think all my negative feelings have gone and positive feelings about ballroom dancing are taking their place. I believe there are many benefits to knowing ballroom dancing. You can teach others how to do it, it gives you confidence and courage, it gives you guts to talk to a boy, it is good exercise and it just helps you to enjoy life and keeps you happy."