Bring Dancing Classrooms to Your School

Click here To Start a Program in NYC or contact (212) 244.9442
  • We work with 5th & 8th grade students, however, exceptions have been made for Spring semester 4th grade students.
  • No pre-requisites or previous dance experience needed. All children are included; lessons are taught in English. Teachers are encouraged to participate.
  • We need a clean, well-lit space with optimum dimensions of 30'x40' cleared of all desks, chairs and objects. A gym or auditorium stage is ideal. The space should be quiet, contained and away from foot traffic.
  • It is best if the floor is hard wood or masonite/linoleum; no carpeting. A boom box with speakers sufficient to fill the space and an electrical outlet are required. An extension cord may be necessary.
  • An invitation to participate in our annual Colors of the Rainbow Team Match is extended.

Click here to Start a Program in your local community or contact Matthew Longhurst, National Operations Director at (206) 930.0827.

Girl in dress dancing