Boy and Girl ballroom dancingAll students who have completed the Dancing Classrooms Residency in their school are invited to participate in our Weekend Academy, which takes place on weekends during the school year. Ballroom dance classes are held at our home studio in Manhattan on Saturdays and Sundays.

These classes provide an opportunity to meet children from other public schools, develop friendships, work with many partners, and to understand the civility, social manners, and dress codes expected in adult life.

The Weekend Academy is an EXTENSION of what the child did in his or her school. Therefore students who HAVE NOT participated in the 10 week ballroom residency in their school ARE NOT eligible to sign up. However, summer classes are offered to those children whose schools do not offer our school residency - this way these children may become eligible for the Academy. 

Annual registration takes place every June for all students who have completed the 10 week program during the school year. Registration must be done in person at our studio. It's a year long program from September-June and students may not sign up in the middle of the year. First year students pay $120 for an entire year, which is broken into 30 weekend classes.

The Dance Festival is an opportunity for the students continuing their dance education to come together to learn about healthy competition, good sportsmanship, use teamwork skills and learn how to prepare for a performance in a warm, inclusive setting filled with supporters and fans.

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