Dance Event Image of boy and girl

The Dancing Classrooms program currently operates in approximately 200 schools in the NYC area.  Schools have the option to participate in the competition cycle: borough quarter finals, borough semi finals, and a city-wide semester final. The 3 winning schools from each semester final - Fall, Winter, Spring - meet at the Colors of the Rainbow Grand Final to dance for the 6' tall Challenge Trophy.

The competition was originally designed to bring children from around the city together. It shows them that they are part of a larger dancing family,  and unites the vast diversity of cultures and ethnicities that are NYC.   The competitions confirm the core values of the Dancing Classrooms program: respect, tolerance, teamwork, and elegance amongst children of all economic echelons.

The Colors of the Rainbow Team Match is also a wonderful community builder as adults unite with children, and teams cheer each other on in their efforts to reach a dance goal. And the pride on parents faces as they watch their children dance speaks volumes about the efficacy of Dancing Classrooms and the Colors of the Rainbow Team Match. 

See our events page for the upcoming Rainbow Team Match Grand Final.